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[PLEASE READ] If you are an old beta tester...
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Thread: [PLEASE READ] If you are an old beta tester...

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    Exclamation [PLEASE READ] If you are an old beta tester...

    First, welcome to the forums. Those of you who have read the blog might remember the following:

    FGL!P, or FGL! Revision 1 (What I am officially dubbing this iteration of the project), has been deprecated, and will eventually be removed. The FGL! Project is still in development! FGL! Revision 2 is currently underway and will replace Revision 1 when it is ready for intitial testing.
    FGL! Revision 2 will introduce a variety of changes and improvements to the profile system, as well as introduce the FGL! homepage, where you can keep track of a variety of different statistics related to Ethereal Dreams and Chatango. Many additions that were missing or promised in Revision 1 will be worked on and implemented in Revision 2 with time. You will not have to register again for Revision 2.* Your accounts will be transferred to the new project seamlessly. Some systems have already been completed/are being worked on.
    * FGL is being improved, and with our new methods we have switched our password hashing process. This means that any old passwords will become unusable after we update. You can preemptively create an account for the new system by signing up for the forums here.

    If you are an old beta tester for the FGL!P project, please send me a private message here on the forums with your old registration code (This can be found in your Settings>Account Settings tab under "Registration Code").

    Old Beta Testers are entitled to special privileges but these cannot be applied unless you message me with your registration code for the old project.

    Feel free to post any other questions as a reply in this thread.
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